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In the late 1980s, having barely begun what is now a 20-year career, Composer Warwick Blair was already being described as "one of New Zealand's most original musical thinkers" (NZ Herald) and the "enfant terrible of New Zealand Music" (NZ Listener).

His first trip to Europe in 1987 was to perform at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival with legendary Greek polymath Iannis Xenakis using UPIC, an early electronic music system. In 1990 his Aotea Centre-opening orchestral performance 'The Good Seeds Are So Small', performed by the APO and broadcast by Radio New Zealand, was proclaimed concert of the year by seminal music magazine Rip It Up.   Read More...


  • Harp (single edit)

    Harp (single edit)

  • Love (demo)

    Love (demo)

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